PARADOX SP6000/R - (0702-027) - control panel PCB, Bus 2x8, 16-zone control panel (with ATZ) 2 subsystems

The SPECTRA SP mixed-type security control panel is designed for small to medium-sized applications. There are 5, 8 or 16 inputs available on the control panel board with the option to connect 10, 16 or 32 zones in ATZ wiring. The control panel can be divided into two subsystems and 32 user codes can be used to control the system. Part of the switchboards is a telephone communicator intended for communication on a PCO or on a public telephone.

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To turn on StayD: Yes
Division into subsystems: yes, 2
Direct connection with a PC via the I307 interface: Yes
Max. number of zones in the system: 32
Number of inputs (zones) on the control panel board: 8 (ATZ 16)
Number of zones on expanders (APR-ZX8): 24
Max. number of keyboards in the system: 15
PGM outputs on the control panel: 4x opto-relay 50 mA polarity +/-
Relay output on the control panel: 1
Number of user codes: 32
Event history: 256
Power supply: 16 V~, 20/40 VA
Source Type: switched
Max. current consumption from the AUX output: 1 A
AUX output type: electronic reversible fuse 1.1 A
Max. current consumption from the BELL output: 2A
BELL output type: electronic reversible fuse 3 A
Power consumption of the control panel: 100mA
Max. number of keyboards in the system: 15
Maximum bus length /total/: 230 m
Maximum length of the bus to the module: 75 m
Firmware: stored in the processor's EEPROM memory
Firmware change: yes, using the InField software
Event history: 256
View event history: BabyWare software
on the K32LCD CZ keyboard
Backup battery charging current: 350/700mA
Recommended backup battery: 12V, 7Ah/18Ah
Optical signaling: LED CHARGE, STATUS
Hard reset: yes, the reset button
Recommended transformer type: covered transformer 40 VA
Recommended box type: BOX M-40, BOX S-40, BOX VZ-40
Number of inputs on the control panel board: 8
Max. number of zones on the panel board: 16
Max. number of zones on keyboards: 15 (one keypad - one zone)
Zone Expander: yes, 8 zones one expander
Max. number of zone expanders: 3
Bus detectors: No
Wireless zones: yes, 32, RTX3 receiver/transmitter
Types of programmed zones: 22
Definition of dependent / intelli zone: Yes
Max. number of keyswitch inputs: 8, only inputs on the switchboard
Max. number of PGM outputs in the system: 16
Wireless PGM outputs: yes, 16, with RTX3 receiver
Number of subsystems: 2
To create a dependent subsystem: No
Common zones for both subsystems: Yes
Master code: 1 + 2
Maintenance code: 1
User codes: 30
Installation code: 1
User code length: 4 or 6-seater
Option to control the system: user code,
wireless key fob,
WinLoad software, keyswitch,
web browser - IP100,
remotely via a VDMP3 telephone line
Automatic power on: yes, depending on the time, calmness in the system
Power On Types: sublne, FORCE, STAY, SLEEP
To turn on StayD: Yes
Number of telephone numbers on the PCO: 2 + 1 backup
Number of telephone numbers per public telephone: 5
Telephone line detection: Yes
Communication formats: Ademco slow,
Silent Knight fast,
ademco express,
Ademco Contact ID,
message on the phone
Keyboard: K10V/H, K32, K32LCD,
K35, K37, K636, K32RF
Software: WinLoad
Method of connecting the PC to the control panel: I307 - RS232/USB,
modem - telephone line,
modem - ADP-1 simulator,
IP100 - LAN/Internet
Winload: program for installation,
management and maintenance
Wireless Receiver/Transmitter Type: RTX3
Number of wireless receivers in the system: 1
How to program the receiver: from the keyboard or SW WinLoad
Wireless key fob control: Yes
Number of key fobs in the system: 32
Type of keychains: REM1, REM15, REM2, REM3
Wireless detectors: Yes
Surveillance of wireless detectors: Yes
Surveillance Interval: 80 minutes/24 hours
Max. number of wireless detectors: 32
Types of wireless detectors: all types of wireless
K series detectors
Range Extender Repeater: yes, RPT1
Max. number of signal repeaters: 2
Wireless PGM output: yes type 2WPGM
Max. number of wireless PGMs: 16
Activation of the PGM output with the key fob: yes, any PGM in the system
Number of PGM outputs on the receiver: 2 x PGM max. 150 mA,
1 x relay 5 A/28 V,
(optional) 1 x relay 5 A/28 V
Wireless keyboard: yes, K32RF
Max. number of wireless keyboards: 8
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