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Jablotron BUS keyboard / reader

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  1. JABLOTRON JA-192E - (0101-817) - Control segment of access modules

    The JA-192E is the control segment for the JA-112E, JA-113E, JA-114E, JA-152E, JA-153E and JA-154E access modules.
  2. JABLOTRON JA-113E - (0104-026) - Bus module with keyboard and RFID

    JA-113E is an access module with control keyboard and RFID card reader for controlling the security system. It...
  3. JABLOTRON JA-123E - Bus outdoor keyboard with RFID

    The keypad with a contactless chip reader can be used to activate the PG output and thus, for example, to control...

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