Accumulators / batteries

Accumulators / batteries

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  1. VAR-TEC SMART SM7.0 - (0703-110) - Maintenance-free battery 12V/7.0Ah

    SM7.0 - Maintenance-free battery 12V/7.0Ah, greater internal resistance, intended for lower current consumption, in...
  2. JABLOTRON BAT-100A - (0106-619) - Lithium battery 3.6V 13Ah 1xD

    Battery designed to power the JA-163A fully wireless outdoor siren.
  3. BF SD 18650 4.2V 9800 mAh Li-ion battery

    Rechargeable battery, dimensions 65 x 18 mm. This is not a lead (AA) or micro lead (AAA) battery.

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